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Celebrating 25 Years

On June 29th, 2024 we will kick off a celebratory 25th annual season of our An Appalachian Evening summer concert season. Every Saturday evening through August 31st. This series strives to curate a broad representation of bluegrass, old time, and folk music that is an outgrowth of our southern Appalachian heritage. We not only present each of these styles in their traditional format but also present artists who bring their own voice and expression to these traditions.

An Appalachian Evening

For twenty-five years through our An Appalachian Evening programming we have provided our audience with an opportunity to learn about and explore the roots and culture of traditional Appalachian music. We look forward to carrying this tradition forward for many more generations to come.

Our musical history

Historically, the Stecoah school was a popular venue stop for musicians on tour from Nashville. In the early 40s and 50s our Grand Old Stage was been graced with the top bluegrass performers of that time – Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs, Bill Monroe, The Carter Family, Chet Atkins, Bonnie Lou and Buster, Archie Campbell, Carl Story, Elmer Jethro, Martha Carson and the Brewster Brothers to name just a few.

Many of these musicians were featured on “Mid-Day Merry Go Round,” a popular WNOX-Knoxville radio program. It seems these musicians charged little or nothing for admission and put on a great show to a full house! Stecoah’s performers today follow in the footsteps of these great musicians as well as the smaller footprints of the many school children that have performed on this stage.

Doc Watson and David Holt on stage at Stecoah in 2006.


One of the first programs established at our founding, An Appalachian Evening allows us to continue in that historic role of providing rural communities in our region access to talent at an affordable price while also providing artists the opportunity to be a part of a long standing southern musical tradition. Our small stage with its natural acoustic ceiling and fully restored auditorium with wood seats provides a unique acoustic experience both for audiences and performers. Performers love to play our venue and experience our resonant sound – it’s unlike any other experience in our region and over the years has gained a reputation among musicians.

Throughout the years not only has ‘An Appalachian Evening’ enriched our rural Appalachian community with excellent arts programming but it has served an important role in the careers of many local musicians – Seth Taylor, Zeb & Samantha Snyder, Balsam Range, and Darren Nicholson just to name a few who have played our venue as they built their existing careers. 

Program Archives

an appalachian evening archives

Below you can find a listing of past performers for this long running concert series. We do have some missing records as our organization has changed leadership and or technology and files clear records have not always been maintained. If you have information – photos, brochures or programs, ticket stubs, etc. for years that we do not have complete records we would love for you to share that information with us.


Jun 24 Kruger Brothers
Jul 01 Buncombe Turnpike
Jul 08 Andy Leftwich (Byron House, Zeb Snyder & Kyle Ramey)
Jul 15 Amanda Cook Band
Jul 22 Jeff Little Trio
Jul 29 Nu-Blu
Aug 05 Terry Baucom’s Dukes of Drive (Jason Burelson)
Aug 12 Resonant Rogues
Aug 19 Seth Mulder & Midnight Run
Aug 26 Bluegrass All Stars (Darren Nicholson, Marc Pruett, Audie Blaylock & Reed Jones)


Jun 25 Darin & Brooke Aldridge
Jul 02 Buncombe Turnpike
Jul 09 Chatham Rabbits
Jul 16 Appalachian Roadshow
Jul 23 Jeff Little Trio
Jul 30 Aubrey Eisenman & The Clydes
Aug 06 The Wildmans
Aug 13 Nu-Blu
Aug 20 Pretty Little Goat
Aug 27 Kruger Brothers


Jun 5 The Jones Brothers & Julie Nelms
Jun 12 Frank & Allie Lee
Jun 19 Buncombe Turnpike
Jun 26 Kruger Brothers
Jul 10 Jeff Little Trio
Jul 17 Liam Purcell & Cane Mill Road
Jul 24 Darin & Brooke Aldridge


An Appalachian Evening Concert Series cancelled due to worldwide Covid-19 pandemic.


Jun 29 Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper
Jul 06 Buncombe Turnpike
Jul 13 Zoe & Cloyd
Jul 20 Carolina Blue
Jul 27 Fireside Collective
Aug 03 Jeff Little Trio
Aug 10 Becky Buller
Aug 17 Salt & Light
Aug 24 Kruger Brothers
Aug 31 Wayne Henderson & Helen White


Jun 23 Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper
Jun 30 Fireside Collective
Jul 07 Buncombe Turnpike
Jul 14 Wayne Henderson & Helen White
Jul 21 Snyder Family Band
Jul 28 Salt and Light
Aug 04 Jeff Little Trio
Aug 11 Volume Five
Aug 18 Unspoken Tradition
Aug 25 Kruger Brothers


Jun 24 David Holt & Josh Goforth
Jul 01 Buncombe Turnpike
Jul 08 Balsam Range
Jul 15 Helen White & Wayne Henderson
Jul 22 Snyder Family Band
Jul 29 Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper
Aug 05 The Bankesters
Aug 12 The Freight Hoppers
Aug 19 The Jeff Little Trio
Aug 26 Kruger Brothers


Jun 25 Kruger Brothers
Jul 02 Buncombe Turnpike
Jul 09 Front Country 
Jul 16 Mac Arnold & Plate Full O’ Blues
Jul 23 Snyder Family Band
Jul 30 Balsam Range
Aug 06 Michael Cleveland & Flamekeepers
Aug 13 The Walking Roots Band
Aug 20 Jeff Little Trio
Aug 27 Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen


Jun 27 Special Consensus
Jul 04 Buncombe Turnpike
Jul 11 Town Mountain
Jul 18 Snyder Family Band
Jul 25 The Walking Roots Band
Aug 01 Balsam Range
Aug 08 Mac Arnold & Plate Full O’ Blues 
Aug 15 Jeff Little Trio
Aug 22 Henhouse Prowlers
Aug 29 Kruger Brothers


Jun 28 Kruger Brothers
Jul 05 Town Mountain
Jul 12 The Freight Hoppers
Jul 19 Snyder Family Band
Jul 26 Special Consensus
Aug 02 The Bankesters
Aug 09 Jeff Little Trio
Aug 16 Mac Arnold & Plate Full O’ Blues
Aug 23 Henhouse Prowlers
Aug 30 Lindsay Lou
Sep 6 Balsam Range


Jun 29 Balsam Range
Jul 06 The Bankesters
Jul 13 The Freight Hoppers
Jul 20 Kruger Brothers
Jul 27 Snyder Family Band
Aug 03 Clyde ‘Pop’ Ferguson
Aug 10 Town Mountain
Aug 17 Jeff Little Trio
Aug 24 The Stray Birds
Aug 31 Red June


Jun 30 Balsam Range
Jul 07 The Steel Wheels
Jul 14 The Boxcars
Jul 21 Kruger Brothers
Jul 28 VW Boys
Aug 04 Weeping Willows
Aug 11 Kickin Grass 
Aug 18 Jeff Little Trio
Aug 25 Snyder Family Band


Jun 25 Kruger Brothers
Jul 02 The Steel Wheels
Jul 09 Clyde ‘Pop’ Ferguson
Jul 16 The Farewell Drifters
Jul 23 Dismembered Tennesseans
Jul 30 Troubadors
Aug 06 Balsam Range
Aug 13 Dehlia Low
Aug 20 Jeff Little Trio
Aug 27 Blue Eyed Girl


Jun 26 Balsam Range
Jul 03 Paul’s Creek
Jul 10 Lonsome River Band 
Jul 17 Alice Gerarrd
Jul 24 Dismembered Tennesseans
Jul 31 Dehlia Low
Aug 07 Kruger Brothers
Aug 14 New North Carolina Ramblers
Aug 21 Jeff Little Trio
Aug 28 The Farewell Drifters


Jun 27 Balsam Range
Jul 04 The Redeye Ramblers
Jul 11 Josh Goforth
Jul 18 Appalachian Fire
Jul 25 Dismembered Tennesseans
Aug 01 Kruger Brothers
Aug 08 Doc Watson & David Holt
Aug 15 New Southern Ramblers
Aug 22 Wayne Henderson & Helen White; Jeff Little
Aug 29 High Windy


Jun 28 Balsam Range
Jul 05 Wolfe Brothers String Band
Jul 12 The Josh Goforth Band
Jul 19 The Biscuit Burners
Jul 26 The Freight Hoppers
Aug 02 Kruger Brothers
Aug 09 Red-Haired Mary
Aug 16 Wayne Henderson & Helen White; Jeff Little
Aug 23 Lo-Fi Breakdown
Aug 26 Polecat Creek


Jun 30 Iron Station
Jul 07 The Blue Ridge Rounders
Jul 14 The Biscuit Burners 
Jul 21 The Josh Goforth Band
Jul 28 FiddleKicks Cloggers
Aug 04 Kruger Brothers
Aug 11 King Pup Radio Show
Aug 18 Wayne Henderson & Helen White
Aug 25 Jody Brown Indian Family
Sep 01 Polecat Creek


Jun 24 Bobby Hicks
Jul 01 County Farm Road Band
Jul 08 Benton Flippen & The Smokey Valley Boys
Jul 15 The Biscuit Burners
Jul 22 Ginny Hawker & Tracy Schwarz
Jul 29 Kruger Brothers
Aug 05 Deja Blue
Aug 12 Firecracker Jazz Band
Aug 19 Wayne Henderson & Helen White
Aug 26 Jody Brown Indian Band


Bobby Hicks
Frank Bradley
Frank Lee
Glen Road

Joe Higgs & The Rounders
The Joshua Goforth Band
Kruger Brothers
Laura Boosinger
McDowell Family
Southern Fried Jazz
Wayne Henderson
Wolfe Brothers String Band


Dowden Sisters
Pine Mountain Railroad
Jim Hurst & Missy Raines
The Josh Goforth Band
Sheila Kaye Adams
Joe Thompson
Trevor & Travis Stuart


Lonesome Wind
Buncombe Turnpike
Walker Calhoun
David Holt
Orville Hicks
Half Nine
Smoky Mountain Melodies
Marvin Gaster
Lone Mountain Band
Jody brown Indian Band


Red-Haired Mary
Pine Mountain Railroad
Gator Gumbo
Old-Time Music
Lynn Morris
Lloyd Arneach & Shady Oak Band


Dowden Sisters
Shady Grove Band
Wayne Erbsen
Anne Lough
Cary Friedley Band
Red-Haired Mary
Wilson Brothers
Bobby McMillion


The Freight Hoppers
Laura Boosinger
Southern Bluegrass Boys
Queen Family
High Dial
Molassess Creek
Heritage Alive
Dill Sisters
Dowden Sisters